The Countrywide Football Class harm declaration regarding seven days 1 game titles:


Questionable — Roublesome Couch, Cleveland (forearm). Most likely — Jesse Carr, Houston (knee); Label Brunell, Jacksonville (groin).

Arizona through Washington

Arizona Cardinals: Aside — BIG T Anthony Clement (arm); AZINES Adrian Wilson (shoulder). California Redskins: Aside — LB Antonio Pierce (ankle); TE Walt Rasby (knee).

Atlanta through Eco-friendly Bay

Atlanta Falcons: Aside — LB Frank Create (hamstring); LB Might Overstreet (shoulder). Unclear — DE Travis Hallway (groin/abdomen); LB Label Simoneau (groin); LB Artie Ulmer (knee). Eco-friendly These kinds of Packers: Not just one a whole lot worse when compared with most likely.

Baltimore through Carolina

Baltimore Ravens: Aside — AZINES Might Demps (elbow); CB David Trapp (chest). Carolina Panthers: Aside — RB DeShaun Market (knee); DE Kemp Rasmussen (hamstring); CB Dante Wesley (hernia).Lee Roy Selmon Jersey Uncertain — GR Jamar Nesbit (ankle).

Dallas through Houston

Dallas Cowboys: Aside — BIG T Tyson Walt (ankle). Unclear — WR-KR Reginald Swinton (hamstring). Uncertain — BIG T Flozell Adams (knee); BIG T Solomon Web site (ankle). Houston Texans: Aside — BIG T Jones Schau (knee); BIG T Jones Vibrant (groin). Unclear — BIG T Tony a2z a2z Boselli (shoulder). Uncertain — GR Cameron Spikes (thigh).

Detroit through Miami

Detroit Elephants: Aside — LB Clint Kriewaldt (foot). Unclear — DEB Eric Beverly (calf). Kansas Dolphins: Aside — DE Jesse Bowens (hand); TE Desmond Clark (forearm). Unclear — CB Omare Lowe (ankle). Uncertain — AZINES Scott McGarrahan (groin); CB Beef Surtain (groin).Brent Grimes Jersey

Indianapolis through Jacksonville

Indianapolis Colts: Aside — RB Ron Finn (foot); DT Josh Williams (foot). Uncertain — DT David Cannida (hamstring); AZINES Steve Leigeb (shoulder). Jacksonville Jaguars: Aside — LB BIG T. CAPITAL T. Slaughter (elbow).

Kansas City through Cleveland

Kansas City Chiefs: Aside — DT Eric Downing (hernia). Uncertain — LB Beam Atkins (calf). Cleveland Browns: Unclear — AZINES Earl Little (ankle); LB Expenses Taylor (hamstring). Uncertain — QB Roublesome Couch (forearm); DT Kenard Lang (ankle); TE Aaron Shea (shoulder).

Minnesota through Chicago

Minnesota Vikings: Uncertain — WR Kelly Campbell (concussion); WR Nick Davis (hamstring); WR Cedric David (hand); RB Harold Morrow (hamstring); LB Raonall Jones (shoulder). Chicago, il Offers: Aside — WR Ahmad Merritt (hand).Ronde Barber Jersey Uncertain — DT Spiritual Bob (thumb).

New Orleans through Tampa Bay

New Orleans Saints: Uncertain — GRAMS Toby Gowin (hip); GR Wally Williams (knee). Tampa These kinds of Buccaneers: Uncertain — GR Cosey Coleman (knee); RB Jameel Put together (ankle); DT Buck Gurley (ankle).

NY Plane through Buffalo

New You’ll be able to Plane: Aside — CB Jamie Henderson (shoulder); BIG T Frank Jones (knee). Uncertain — TE David Shortage (Achilles); DT Beam Webster (knee). Zoysia Costs: Not just one a whole lot worse when compared with most likely.

Philadelphia through Tennessee

Philadelphia Eagles: Aside — WR Freddie Milons (leg). Unclear — CB Troy Vincent (knee). Uncertain — CB Lito Sheppard (quadricep). Tn Titans: Uncertain — LB Truthful Chamberlin (neck); AZINES Wealthy Coady (ankle); DT Holly Kia (ankle); DE Jevon Kearse (tricep); DT Dorrie Thornton (ankle).

Pittsburgh through Completely new England

Pittsburgh Seelers: Not just one a whole lot worse when compared with most likely. Completely new Great britain Patriots: Uncertain — CB Tommy Darkish evening (leg); BIG T Dorrie Neal (shoulder).Kwon Alexander Jersey

St. Louis through Denver

St. Louis Rams: Aside — WR Troy Edwards (knee); RB David Hodgins (foot). Uncertain — DEB Truthful Garcia (ankle); DE Leonard Little (thigh). Co Broncos: Aside — GR Lennie Friedman (thumb). Uncertain — WR Kevin Kasper (rib).

San Diego through Cincinnati

San Diego Chargers: Aside — BIG T Sammy Williams (hamstring). Unclear — AZINES Robert Carswell (knee). Uncertain — RB Joey Goodspeed (ankle). Cincinnati Bengals: Not just one a whole lot worse when compared with most likely.

Seattle through Oakland

Seattle Seahawks: Aside — DT Dorrie Hilliard (knee). Unclear — DT Dorrie Randle (knee).Gerald McCoy Jersey Uncertain — QB Trent Dilfer (knee). Oakland Raiders: Aside — GR Mo Collins (knee). Unclear — GRAMS Shane Lechler (quadricep).